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A sci fi family drama visual novel in which a brilliant computer scientist builds an artificial intelligence that passes as human… but also attracts the attention of the government.

Made in one week for a game jam hosted by Portland Indie Game Squad in Portland, Oregon.

Fully voice acted, with 450+ lines of dialog. Roughly 15 minutes long.
There are multiple endings, and one secret ending.

To run, unzip folder, unpack its files and run 'WaitingForTheLoop.exe


Writing, Design, Programming, VO Direction : Reis Mahnic

Music, Sound Effects and Audio Engineering : Bryan Minus

Character and Environment Art and Animation : Tom Lechner

Environment Art : Nathan Ogden

Environment Art : Ian Black

Programming : Christopher Quisling


Anastasia Poirier - Diane, Emma, Liz

Thomas Palmrose - Joseph

Reis Mahnic - IAC, Paul, Eric, Government Agent, Announcer

Bryan Minus - Priest, Government Agent

Can be enjoyed and completely understood on its own, but also ties into some characters and events from Throw Me in the River, downloaded here:


and Interstellar Borders, downloaded here:


Built in Adventure Game Studio.

More information

Published 1 year ago
AuthorReis Mahnic
Tagsags, drama, family, Point & Click, portland, Sci-fi, Visual Novel

Install instructions

Make sure that you unpack the .zip file and place all the files in it into a new folder before running the game, or it will have visual glitches and there will be no voice acting!


WaitingForTheLoop.zip (366 MB)


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The download is missing.

Hi BearerOfHonesty, the download seems to work on my end both signed in and not... if you could let me know what happens when you click download it woud be a big help. I'm very sorry you couldn't download it, and thank you for letting me know!


Ah, I just opened the page in a browser and it does show up there. Before I was using the Itch.io client where the game doesn't have an install button and the download link isn't shown on the page through that.

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No problem! Hopefully this can actually help people in case they encounter the same issue with finding it. :)